PostgreSQL & SQLite Speed Test

We tried to compare the speed of SQLite and PostgreSQL during the simplest operations of inserting, updating and extracting data from a spreadsheet. You should know that SQLite is a single file, while PostgreSQL is a whole server with many additional functions. As we can see, the speed of SQLite due to its simplicity significantly exceeds PostgreSQL. For example:

  • The insertion speed is 10 times higher.
  • The sampling rate turned out to be 30 times higher.
  • The update rate is almost identical to PostgreSQL.

That’s why we can conclude that SQLite will be an excellent choice if you need a database to store a small amount of data and do not need to do complex manipulations.

How to run

$ docker-compose up


test_1  | goos: linux
test_1  | goarch: amd64
test_1  | pkg: benching
test_1  | cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
test_1  | BenchmarkInsertsSqlite10000-4               50           1237933 ns/op
test_1  | BenchmarkInsertsPostgres10000-4             50          12592869 ns/op
test_1  | BenchmarkUpdateSqlite-4                     50           1218852 ns/op
test_1  | BenchmarkUpdatePostgres-4                   50           1137043 ns/op
test_1  | BenchmarkSelectSqlite-4                     50             20605 ns/op
test_1  | BenchmarkSelectPostgres-4                   50            597675 ns/op
test_1  | PASS
test_1  | ok    benching        4.410s


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