Rest Golang

This is a basic example of an REST API written in golang.


  1. You may need golang installed in your computer.
  2. Clone the repository using the next command gh repo clone AndreyPootMay/rest-golang
  3. Navigate inside the folder using the command cd rest-golang
  4. Install the dependency named CompiledDaemon; use the command go get
  5. Execute the code and develop inside of it ~/go/bin/CompileDaemon -command="./rest-golang".

You can use Infomnia Rest Client to test the REST API Methods with importing the request collection. The Rest collection name is Insomnia_2022-05-11.json.

Credits and info.

Credits to faztweb youtube channel, this kata is possible because his video of developing this example: Video example.

Andrey Poot May 2022


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