PranaDB is a distributed streaming database, designed from the outset to be horizontally scalable.

Do you like relational databases? Do you like Apache Kafka? PranaDB lives at the intersection of the two.

  • Ingest data from Apache Kafka topics
  • Define continuously and incrementally updating materialized views over that data.
  • Use standard SQL to query that data.
  • Define custom processors to process that data
  • Stream data directly into and out of PranaDB


  • Like Kafka but where you can query the data in your topics
  • Like a relational database, but where you can get incrementally updating materialized views, and streaming queries.


PranaDB is currently a work in progress and is some of the features are currently available a a tech preview. We aim to get most of the feature complete later this year.


Please take a look at the outstanding issues, and chat with us in our Gitter community.

In order to contribute please sign the block CLA


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Come and chat with us in our Gitter Community


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