The proficiency test was built keeping in mind his correction, due to this fact, the services were containerized.


Tying up, each step of the proficiency test was placed in a container application.


  1. Cloning
git clone https://github.com/ojalmeida/dc-a01 && cd dc-a01
  1. Start services
docker compose up -d
  1. Check services
docker compose ps
  1. Access GUI
xdg-open http://localhost:8080



The database service was built over postgresql alpine-based image from oficial repository.

Alpine-based images contains only essential software an tend to be much smaller than others, such debian-based

Data Definition Language script (db/ddl.sql) was written to initialize database correctly.


The Graphic User Interface, were the 2nd hardest part, due to the my lack of experience with front-end and Javascript

The webpage was firstly sketched in Figma platform (gui/draft.png), what helped a lot in the development.

No Javascript frameworks (Angular, React, etc) or CSS extensions (SCSS, Sass, etc) were used, half due to inexperience, half by no necessity of more complexity.


The Golang API was the easiest and most enjoiable part ?

The service image was built making use of multi stage image build, again, making use of alpine base image, the final image takes only 13.4 MB.

go-api docker image

The HTTP default package, as mentioned in test requirements, was used. As an improvement, I made use of a personal implementation of fan-inqueue architecture to be able to control concurrency level.

Default HTTP package inits an goroutine on every new incoming request, this can be dangerous, in a DDoS scenery, by example.

The request routing makes use of regexp.Regexp, due to another personal implementation (go/server/routes.go), what increases maintainability, by offering a more clever and readable approach.

route implementation

Such as Node-API, the Go-API logs information to stdout and stderr, with this approach, the loggin can be delegated easily to Kubernetes logging system or, in this case, to Docker logging system.


The Node.Js API was built over express module, such was mentioned in test specification.

The service image was also build over alpine, from node:14-alpine image.

node-api docker image

This service was the hardest part of the project, primarily by the Promise concept, what I think that has a big learning curve ?


Benchmark was made with Apache Benchmark.

Appliance specification:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-10100 4.3GHz
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 2333Mhz



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