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Preserve your memories, self-reflect and record ideas on-the-go.

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Journal helps you manage multiple journals with ease from the comfort of your terminal, web browser or API client. You can import/export journals as horcruxes and set simple customizations for layout, theme, and keybindings.

Journal brings out the quintessence of your potent yet pervious mind. Get personal with it and use its gorgeous powers for good.

Cli Screencast

Cli Screencast

Web Screencast

Web Screencast

Getting Started

Check out live demo of web app.


Binary Release

You can download a binary release for Windows, Mac or Linux here.

Using Go Get

go get -u

If you get an error claiming that journal command cannot be found or is not defined, you may need to add ~/go/bin to your $PATH. ~/go/bin should not be mistaken for $GOROOT/bin (which is for Go’s own binaries, not installed apps like journal).


Here is some basic usage information for terminal.


Create and open a new note with the default author:

journal new

Create a new note with a custom id:

journal create note --id custom-id

Create a new author:

journal create author

Edit an author or tag:

<div class="highlight highlight-source-shell position-relative" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="journal edit

journal edit <id>