Use at your own risk! It has worked for us.. but very much alpha quality!

Based on prism by muesli.

Prism+ lets you multicast your rtmp stream to multiple destinations. You point your OBS at prism+ and then add your destinations to prism+. It will relay your stream to the destinations. Allowing you to stream to multiple platforms at the same time.

Prism+ main Features:

  • Admin web interface to login and manage streamers and sessions
  • Ability to add streamers with their streamkeys
  • Ability for streamers to login and add/remove destinations

Starting prism+

  1. Clone the repo locally and enter the folder

  2. Build frontend. The frontend is written in svelte

cd web
npm install
npm run build
  1. Build backend. The backend is written in golang.

go get
go build
  1. Run

On startup it will automatically generate an adminKey. If you want to define your own adminKey so that it will be the same every startup you can start up with:

./prismplus --adminKey=your-super-secure-key

Prism+ will now be listening on:

Using Prism+

To add your first streamer goto: http://localhost:5383/admin

Enter the adminKey you provided or that was auto generated.



Once the streamer is created they can login to: http://localhost:5383 with their streamKey

From here they can add their destinations


Now the streamer just needs to point OBS (or their software of choice) to rtmp://localhost:5383/live with the streamKey.


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