This program will retrieve a list of all public IP address ranges (v4 or v6) for the three major cloud vendors:

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google

By default, the ranges are printed to the console/screen. If you would like to save them in a file, the
output format is CSV, and you can use the “–file” flag to specify a file name.

  cloudip [flags]

  -f, --file string     CSV filename to save the output to
  -h, --help            help for cloudip
  -i, --iptype int      IP Type to export - 4|6|all (default 4)
  -v, --vendor string   Cloud vendor to export IP's from - aws|azure|google


The easiest way to run this program is to download the binary for your OS of choice from the Releases section.

You can optionally choose to clone this repo and run the script as follows (must have Golang installed):

go run main.go --vendor aws --iptype 4 --file AWS_IP_Ranges.csv


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