Multicast is project for learning various Gossip and Epidemic protocol. It has server for simulating the protocols and client for interacting with it. The server simulate gorutine as node in a unstructured overlay, with each gorutine having open channel to subset of gorutine. Client makes Set call to a random gorutine, then this gorutine multicast the updated to value to the overlay. Client will make Get to any random gorutine in order to get the updated value. Supported multicast protocols are:

  • Anti-Entropy
  • Rumour Mongering
  • Gossip Protocol

Multicast server

service Multicast{
    rpc Set(Data) returns (Empty);
    rpc Get(Empty) returns (Data);

How to use

  • Start Multicast server: go run cmd/server/main.go -c 16
  • Set 54 : go run cmd/cli/main.go set -v 54
  • Get from multicast : go run cmd/cli/main.go get



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