Project using Unit Test in Golang with DynamoDB



How to create project

  • Run go mod init github.com/luke92/DynamoDbGolangUnitTest
  • Run go get github.com/gusaul/go-dynamock
  • Create main.go

How to run tests

  • https://ieftimov.com/posts/testing-in-go-go-test/
  • Run go test (The first way to control test runs is by supplying the test files as arguments to the go test)
  • Run go test -v (If we would like to see a more detailed output, we can use the -v flag:)
  • Run go test -v -run TestGetTransactGetItems (The third way to run tests is by specifying a test function to be run, using the -run flag)
  • Run go test -cover (For get coverage -cover)
  • Run go test -v -failfast (-failfast it will stop at the first test that fails, aborting the running test suite/files)
  • Run go test -coverprofile=prof.out (-coverprofile To see where our problem is)
  • Run go tool cover -html=hundred.out (After run -coverprofile to view in an HTML what part of code is covered)


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