AWS Cost Exporter

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An easy to use and highly customizable Prometheus exporter for AWS Cost and Usage Reports

Project status: alpha. All planned features are completed.




The exporter analyzes billing report data stored automatically by AWS in S3 bucket, so report delivery should be configured prior deployment.

Examples below use following shell variables:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your-key
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=your-secret-key
export AWS_REGION=us-east-1


Deploy with Docker:

docker run --rm \
    -p \
    -e AWS_REGION \
    st8ed/aws-cost-exporter \
    --bucket $report_bucket --report $report_name

Deploy with Helm (preferred):

helm repo add aws-cost-exporter
helm repo update

# Note: prefer to use -f values.yaml because commandline arguments
# are considered insecure (exposed systemwide)
helm install \
    aws-cost-exporter aws-cost-exporter/aws-cost-exporter \
    --set "aws.access_key_id=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" \
    --set "aws.secret_access_key=$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" \
    --set "aws.region=$AWS_REGION" \
    --set "aws.bucket=$report_bucket" \
    --set "$report_name"

Deploy locally:

    aws-cost-exporter \
        --bucket $report_bucket \
        --report $report_name


Exported metrics are labelled accordingly to SQL query, which itself is configurable. See original column descriptions for details.

usage: aws-cost-exporter --bucket=BUCKET --report=REPORT [<flags>]

  -h, --help               Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and
      --bucket=BUCKET      Name of the S3 bucket with detailed billing report(s)
      --report=REPORT      Name of the AWS detailed billing report in supplied
                           S3 bucket
                           Path to store cached AWS billing reports
                           Path to directory with SQL queries for gathering
                           Path to store exporter state
                           Address on which to expose metrics and web interface.
                           Path under which to expose metrics.
                           Exclude metrics about the exporter itself
                           (promhttp_*, process_*, go_*).
      --web.config=""      [EXPERIMENTAL] Path to config yaml file that can
                           enable TLS or authentication.
      --log.level=info     Only log messages with the given severity or above.
                           One of: [debug, info, warn, error]
      --log.format=logfmt  Output format of log messages. One of: [logfmt, json]
      --version            Show application version.


Create a Cost and Usage report following official instructions. Alternatively you can setup AWS resources using AWS CLI. Some configuration values are necessary for the exporter to work:

  • Report data integration must be disabled, so reports are gzipped csv files
  • “Hourly” or “Daily” time granularity
  • Minimal prefix is chosen (/)

You also need to setup proper IAM user with read access to S3 bucket.

Configuration with AWS CLI

Equivalently you can create a report using AWS CLI (see aws cur put-report-definition). An example of suitable report definition:

    "ReportDefinitions": [
            "ReportName": "your-report-name",
            "TimeUnit": "HOURLY",
            "Format": "textORcsv",
            "Compression": "GZIP",
            "AdditionalSchemaElements": [
            "S3Bucket": "your-bucket-name",
            "S3Prefix": "/",
            "S3Region": "us-east-1",
            "AdditionalArtifacts": [],
            "RefreshClosedReports": false,
            "ReportVersioning": "CREATE_NEW_REPORT"


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