Terraform Provider Nautobot

Nautobot provider created for educational purposes. You can fork it for long term development 🙂


Building The Provider

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Enter the repository directory
  3. Build the provider using the make command:
$ make install

Adding Dependencies

This provider uses Go modules. Please see the Go documentation for the most up to date information about using Go modules.

To add a new dependency github.com/author/dependency to your Terraform provider:

go get github.com/author/dependency
go mod tidy

Then commit the changes to go.mod and go.sum.

Using the provider

The provide takes two arguments, url and token. For the data sources and resources supported, take a look at the internal/provider folder. In the next example, we capture the data of all manufacturers and create a new manufacturer “Vendor I”.

terraform {
  required_providers {
    nautobot = {
      version = "0.2.4"
      source  = "nleiva/nautobot"

provider "nautobot" {
  url = "https://demo.nautobot.com/api/"
  token = "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

data "nautobot_manufacturers" "all" {}

resource "nautobot_manufacturer" "new" {
  description = "Created with Terraform"
  name    = "Vendor I"

Developing the Provider

If you wish to work on the provider, you’ll first need Go installed on your machine (see Requirements above).

To compile the provider, run make install.

To generate or update documentation, run go generate ./....

In order to run the full suite of Acceptance tests, run make testacc.

Note: Acceptance tests create real resources, and often cost money to run.

$ make testacc


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