This is bizzarre project

The idea

My ISP provided a router without access to way to make a static ip for each device nor and api to consult based on hostname

This program is just this:

A dhcpDump kinda watcher, using libpcap

A pinger, using golangs icmp (trying both Echo and Timestamps request)

A queue (fast solution for pinging multiple devices, since i’m lazy to figure out a better approch)

Mqtt broker to send the status of the devices to a Hass server

How to use

How to use on raspian

build on your machine with docker:
make build_raspi

install pcap on raspian
sudo apt update && sudo apt install libpcap0.8 -y

Supervisor conf


sudo supervisorctl update ; sudo supervisorctl restart godhcpdump


[ ] improve doc
[ x ] make this program work
[ ] improve this program


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