Provides conversion from athena outputs to strongly defined data models.

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Getting started

Given the following data struct you define:

type MyModel struct {
    ID                        int       `athenaconv:"id"`
    Name                      string    `athenaconv:"name"`
    SourceComputersCount      int64     `athenaconv:"source_computers_count"`
    SourceComputerExternalIDs []string  `athenaconv:"source_computer_ids"`
    SourceComputerNames       []string  `athenaconv:"source_computer_names"`
    TestTimestamp             time.Time `athenaconv:"test_timestamp"`
    TestDate                  time.Time `athenaconv:"test_date"`
    TestBool                  bool      `athenaconv:"test_bool"`

And the following sql:

    count(source_id) as source_computers_count,
    array_agg(source_id) as source_computer_ids,
    array_agg(source_name) as source_computer_names,
    timestamp '2012-10-31 08:11:22' as test_timestamp,
    date '2021-12-31' as test_date,
    true as test_bool
from my_glue_catalog_table
group by id, name

You can convert your athena.GetQueryResultOutput object to strongly-typed struct MyModel by doing this:

mapper, err := athenaconv.NewMapperFor(reflect.TypeOf(MyModel{}))
if err != nil {

var mapped []interface{}
mapped, err = mapper.FromAthenaResultSetV2(ctx, queryResultOutput.ResultSet)
if err != nil {
for _, mappedItem := range mapped {
    mappedItemModel := mappedItem.(*MyModel)
    fmt.Printf("%+v\n", *mappedItemModel)

Supported data types

See conversion.go in this repo and supported data types in athena for more details.

Athena data type Go data type Comments
varchar string
boolean bool
integer int/int32
bigint int64
timestamp time.Time
date time.Time
array []string Individual items within array should not contain comma
other data types string Other data types currently unsupported, default to string (no conversion)

Supported AWS SDK version

Roadmap / items to review

  • Add more data type support in conversion.go
  • Review usage of logging (best practice for logging in golang packages)