GIT clone operator

WARNING: This project is unreleased, the first release is a WORK IN PROGRESS

Mutation webhook handler, injects initContainer with a properly configured git container that does a clone or checkout, taking care about permissions.

Use cases

Mounting static user-data in official images

With this approach you can still use official application images like WordPress image without having to maintain your own images just to inject a theme, plugins or some other custom files.

Simple administrative jobs without CI system

Simply clone your scripts repository in your pod workspace, execute script and exit.

Git clone inside CI job

git-clone-operator checkout is a CLI command that could be a replacement of git clone and git checkout. It’s advantage is that it is designed to be running automatic: When repository does not exists, it gets cloned, when exists, then updated with remote.



  • Injecting git-clone initContainers into labelled pods
  • Support for Git over HTTPS
  • Specifying user id (owner) of files in workspace
  • CLI command git-clone-operator clone ... and single Dockerfile for both initContainer and operator
  • Helm
  • Add configurable security context – runAs and filesystem permissions


  • Namespaced CRD GitClonePermissions to specify which GIT repositories are allowed, where are the clone keys
  • Reacting on webhooks from Gitea and GitHub to update revision on existing pods (using kind: Job with cloned volume definitions from kind: Pod, using the same configuration as initContainer)


Special thanks to simple-kubernetes-webhook fantastic project, without it such quick development of this project would not be possible.


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