Command line tool to help you stay on top of news on pudelek.pl (Polish gossip website)


  • pudl list – get list of hot topics
  • pudl top – get only top of the list (default 3)
  • pudl cache – get list of cached topics
  • pudl show ID – open browser with selected topic id.

Typical usage would look something like this:

12:37 [email protected]> pudl list
⭐⭐⭐ 😹 Lista tematow z pudla 🐩 😹 ⭐⭐⭐
1: 17-letnia siostra Julii Wieniawy chwali się nową fryzurą. Ma CZERWONE włosy (FOTO)
2: Justyna Gradek ujawnia, ile kosztowały ją NOWE POŚLADKI, na których przez dwa tygodnie nie mogła siadać...
12:37 [email protected]> pudl show 5


Pudl is using a yaml file to store config and cache info. It is located in your home directory and named .pudl.yaml


Build from source

You will need Go 1.16 at least.

  1. Clone repo
  2. make build
  3. add to PATH <pudl_repo_path>/bin

If you build it in /Users/kuba/pudl you would need to add to your .bashrc or .zshrc line


Install from binary

To download ready binary use releases page https://github.com/JakubOboza/pudl/releases

  1. Download binary for your operating system and arch eg. osx amd64
  2. Untar it in a directory eg. /Users/<user_name>/pudl using tar -zxvf pudl.osx-amd64.tar.gz
  3. Add it to the path var (if you are using bash ir will be ~./bashrc) PATH="/Users/<user_name>/pudl:$PATH"


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