This is a small Go application that consumes a WARC file (
using slyzrc/warc) and puts it on S3 suitable for serving
with S3 Website Hosting.

Generating a WARC

There are all sorts of ways to generate a WARC, but one way is to use wget like so:

wget --recursive \
     --warc-file=example.com \
     --warc-compression \
     --delete-after \
     --no-directories \
     --reject-regex "runs/.*/sample.html" \
     --tries=3 \
     --retry-on-http-error=500,502 \
     --domains=example.com \

This will generate a file called example.com.warc.gz, which you can then pass into this program.

Warning banner

The code will introduce a red warning banner saying that the content is archived if you set the --add-banner flag at
runtime. Check out the code for how that works.


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