My entry for Ebitengine’s first game jam ever! Theme was “magnets”.

You can find static binaries in the releases, or if you have Golang 1.18+, run directly with:

go run[email protected]

Bindless is a puzzle game with a dystopian background story. The puzzles are mostly simulations of levels with magnets, where you can poke and prod a few things in order to solve them.


  • You use the mouse and left-click to select and use your abilities.
  • You press ESC on levels to reset them if you are locked.

Additional controls:

  • You can press F to switch between fullscreen/windowed.
  • You can also use 1-4 to make it easier to switch between abilities.
  • You can also press ESC to skip the typewriter effect on story sections.


Code is licensed under the MIT License. Assets are licensed as described in the readme from the assets folder.


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