PyInstaller Extractor developed in Golang.

Runs both on desktop and on the web. The browser version is powered by GopherJS to compile Go to Javascript.

Site hosted on Netlify.

Try it out at

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Known Limitations

  • The tool (both desktop & web) works best with Python 3.x based PyInstaller executables. Python 2.x based executables are still supported but the PYZ archive won’t be extracted.

  • Extracting large files using the web version may crash the browser specifically on mobile devices with low RAM.

  • Encrypted pyz archives are not supported at present.

See also

  • pyinstxtractor: The original tool developed in Python.
  • pyinstxtractor-ng: Same as pyinsxtractor but this one doesn’t require Python to run and can extract all supported pyinstaller versions.

Compiling for Deskop

go build

Compiling for Web

GopherJS requires Go 1.18.x. For more details check

go install[email protected]

gopherjs build --minify --tags=gopherjs -o public/js/pyinstxtractor-go.js


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