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Qemantra is a tool for creating and running QEMU Virtual Machines.

QEMU is better and sometimes faster than VirtualBox , but does not have any command-line central managing solution. This tool does not run your virtual machines. It simply aims to configure and run Virtual Machines using QEMU.



  • Create , list and run virtual machines.
  • Create configurations to run on demand.
  • Use features of QEMU like KVM , multiple architecture support etc.


Running a Virtual Machine


Run a machine with boot menu


Create a Machine


Create a Machine with Disk


Create a Image



Currently documentation only exists as a --help flag.

Motivation ?

Virtualbox is good, but it has a QT interface and it’s command line inteface is hectic at best. QEMU has no official (or good) frontend , the command line interface is mature , but has no central managing solution.

Qemantra aims to become a simple and convinient way to manage Virtual Machines. It is designed for the casual Virtualizer.

Installation ?

Currently you can only build from source.

  • Qemantra is built in golang , you must have golang installed.
  • Clone the repository.
  • make build to build the binary.
  • Move the binary to a folder in your $PATH variable. Or use make install to install in default $GOBIN


Anybody is welcome to contribute!

Qemantra is written in Golang , so Golang developers can contribute in the technical aspect. If you want to contribute non-technically , then too you are welcome! There are lot’s of work in documentation and other aspects! For bugs and feature requests , open a issue.


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