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Build Status

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What is QOR?

QOR is a set of libraries written in Go that abstracts common features needed for business applications, CMSs, and E-commerce systems.

This is a complete rewrite in Go, of the original QOR, which was a proprietary framework written in Ruby on Rails and used internally at The Plant. QOR 1.0 is the first version to be open sourced and distributed under the MIT license.

What QOR is not

QOR is not a “boxed turnkey solution”. You need proper coding skills to use it. It’s designed to make the lives of developers easier when building complex EC systems, not providing you one out of the box.



The modules

  • Admin – The core part of QOR system, will generate an admin interface and RESTFul API for you to manage your data

  • Publish – Providing a staging environment for all content changes to be reviewed before being published to the live system

  • Transition – A configurable State Machine: define states, events (eg. pay order), and validation constraints for state transitions

  • Media Library – Asset Management with support for several cloud storage backends and publishing via a CDN

  • Worker (Batch processing) – A process scheduler

  • Exchange – Data exchange with other business applications using CSV or Excel data

  • Internationalization (i18n) – Managing and (inline) editing of translations

  • Localization (l10n) – Manage DB-backed models on per-locale basis, with support for defining/editing localizable attributes, and locale-based querying

  • Roles – Access Control

  • And more https://github.com/qor


Frontend Development

Requires Node.js and Gulp for building frontend files

npm install && npm install -g gulp
  • Watch SCSS/JavaScript changes: gulp
  • Build Release files: gulp release


Released under the MIT License.