A Web Application where the Jungfraubahnen are managing their adventure queueing.

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This project was created at the BernHackt Hackathon in 2022.

Check out the project team university behind FlyPast – BFH

Everything you would expect

It’s a simple web app

At the Jungfraubahnen there are many different adventures. People are waiting for their turn to go on an adventure currently. Each day the people are waiting very long for their turn to go on an adventure. Sometimes they are waiting for hours. With FlyPast, people can easily reserve their ride online or in person. So they don’t have to wait anymore in the line.

It’s free

Everything is free to use and distribute.

Open Source

Trust me, I’m open source. You can find the source code on Github. The frontend is written in Next.js and the backend in GoLang. License: MIT


You can deploy FlyPast with Docker-Compose.

docker-compose up --build

Seed Data

cd seed
./ # execute seed data on backend api

Visit http://localhost:8080

Environment Variables




  • CORS (optional): Set CORS headers for the API. Default: *
  • JWT_SECRET_KEY (optional): Set the JWT secret key.
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD (optional): Set the admin password. Default: admin
  • DB_USERNAME (optional): Set the database username. Default: postgres
  • DB_PASSWORD (optional): Set the database password. Default: postgres
  • DB_HOST (optional): Set the database host. Default: localhost
  • DB_PORT (optional): Set the database port. Default: 5432
  • DB_NAME (optional): Set the database name. Default: postgres


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