racoon – secrets are my thing


See racoon help or racoon --help for all available commands


  • AWS Systems Manager : Parameter Store


  • dotenv
  • Terraform tfvars


  • Exporting of secrets to multiple outputs (dotenv, tfvars)
  • Seeding of secrets not already in the store
  • Release pipeline
  • Export outputs to stdout (no logging allowed)
  • Reading a single secret
  • Tagging of external resources
  • Context support (dev / production / cicd / localdev etc)
  • Key format for Parameter Store
  • Generators for providing generated values when seeding a secret
  • Listing secrets in a given context
  • Deleting a secret from the store
  • Conditional sync for faster exports (export based on hash sum for context)
  • Shell (bash/zsh/sh) output format
  • Certificate output format
  • Kubernetes secret output format
  • Naming conventions for outputs
  • Command for local cleanup of generated files
  • Store provider for AWS Secrets Manager : Secrets
  • Store provider for Azure Key Vault : Secrets
  • Flag for specifying other filenames for secrets.y*ml
  • Logging for export command (unless output path is stdout “-“)


go get
go run . -- <args>


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