Gen-Populus is a random population data generator.

Data Format

   ID        --> Snowflake id generator []
   Name      --> Randomly chosen from name CSV file 
   Lastname  --> Randomly chosen from lastname CSV file
   Email     --> Name + Lastname + Last four number of ID +
   Age       --> Generate random between 0 and 111
   Birthdate --> Random day and month + (Current year - age)
   Gender    --> It depends on which file the name is taken from.



  • You can define the output file, first name file, last name file, and population size.
  • However, the ratios such as the number of children-young-old or male-female numbers are defined randomly. (Check the config file to find out how. )

// Open or if not exists create output file
file, _ := os.OpenFile("data.csv", os.O_CREATE|os.O_WRONLY, 0644)
cfg, _ := config.NewConfig(
	1e7,                               // population size: 10_000_000
	"./internal/data/female_name.csv", // female_name's file
	"./internal/data/male_name.csv",   // male_name's file
	"./internal/data/lastname.csv",    // lastname's file
	file)                              // output file
  • Then, pass config as a parameter to the generator function.

err = generator.Generate(cfg)
if err != nil {
  • You can check the main file for example.


  • Run benchmark (with 10 million population size):
$ go test -bench=. -count=10  ./pkg/generator   


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