Random Twitter Follower Finder This Little app helps you to find a follower in all of your twitter followers for draw

At first you should Sign up for Twitter API service and answer a bunch of questions then Twitter team will activate your twitter developoer account in few days.

From Twitter end-point API we use Get followers/ids and Get users/show method.

You can find all tools in twitter Tools and libraries in this case used Go-twitter library for Golang.

In twitter V2 API you should create a project to use API but I use API V1.1 and I create an stand-alone app here to get API credentionlas. And here we are done in server side tasks.

In this app I used oauth1 library. use your own cridentional instedd of:

config := oauth1.NewConfig("consumerKey", "consumerSecret")
token := oauth1.NewToken("accessToken", "accessSecret")


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