ChainWalker is a smart contract scraper which uses RCP/IPC calls to extract the information. A small tool that can help us find contracts, extract the EVM code, and disassemble the opcodes. It allows us to select specific blocks or even specific contract balances.


  • cross-platform
  • concurrent and fast
  • It doesn’t require 3rd party API
  • downloads contract EVM
  • disassemble EVM to opcode

Use cases

  • academia: machine learning and data science, sampling contracts
  • cybersecurity: audit companies, threat intel, researchers
  • web3.0 startups: building next dApps, building web3.0 and blockchain specific APIs
  • marketing: unique insights (to make educated guesses)


Download the artifact for your distro from the release section, execute it and follow the usage guide.

if you want to use EVM downloader (without -p) option make sure you have EVM installed

chainwalker -h
7:50PM INF ChainWalker 1.0.3-alpha - Usage
  -b float
    	minimum balance (default 0)
  -c int
    	concurrency (default 1)
  -d	sets log level to debug
  -e int
    	end block (int) (default 14010000)
  -ev string
    	EVM path (default "/usr/local/bin/evm")
  -h	shows usage
  -o string
    	output directory (default "output/")
  -p	print on console only and do not download or disassemble contracts
  -s int
    	start block (int) (default 14000000)
  -u string
    	RCP/IPC endpoint (default "")


Extracts contracts with minumum balance of 3 eth


Extracts contracts any balance on given block


without -p option this is what created output will look like



  • can not directly grab internal contract transactions


  • clone the repo go build main.go


If you are using a remote server and the program crashes or gives you an error, here are things you can try.

  • try to lower the concurrency number to as low as 1
  • make sure you didn’t hit the API limits of your provider
  • change the node provider
  • change the block numbers
  • go with a smaller block distance (between start and end)
  • make sure output directory exists in same directory as binary
  • better solution : run you own node and connect to IPC using /root/.ethereum/geth.ipc as -u (url)

Credits :

  • core-geth
  • go-Ethereum


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