Aggregate tech news articles from multiple news sources, filter them based on your favorite subjects and send them to a chat platform of your choice.

Supported news sources


To run this bot, you must provide at least a discord token and the channel ID where to dump all of the interresting articles via environment variables. You can also use a .env file to set the environment variables. The env file looks like this:

DISCORD_TOKEN=<Your token here>
DISCORD_CHANNEL=<Your text channel id here>

Project vision

  • This project is not configurable as of right now, aside from the discord token and channel id, but will aim to be fully configurable via text commands in the future.
  • I’m not sure if this bot should only support Discord for now. It would be interresting to add support for many chat services such as Slack or Matrix.


This project aims to aggregate news from tons of different news sources into one place. If you would like to have a news source added, feel free to either contribute support for it or open an issue explaining why the news source should be added.


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