Vabna Programming Language


Vabna is an interpreted dynamically typed programming language for programming in the Bengali language. Vabna is designed with Bengali in mind but can also be used with English. As matter of fact, the implementation is so easy to modify that it can be used to program in any language with very little change to the source code of the vabna interpreter. Vabna is a potential multilingual programming language


My mother tongue is Bengali. Previously there have been few attempts to build a Bengali programming language but most of them have no practical usage, so I ventured into the dark world of language design.## Language Features

Data Types:

  • Strings : "পলাশ বাউরি" , "ভাবনা"
  • Numbers:
    • Integers : 99999 , 1234567890 , ১২৩৪৫৬৭৮৯০
    • Floats : 1.23 , ২০.০২
  • Dictionaries/Hashmap : { "নাম": "পলাশ", "বয়স" : 20 }
  • Arrays: ["রবিবার", "সোমবার" , 21 , 22 , ৯৯]
  • Booleans: সত্য, মিথ্যা


  • Example:

ধরি = একটি (য়ক){
    (য়ক + " ঘুমোচ্ছে!");

ো("পলাশ বাউরি")
Output: পলাশ বাউরি ঘুমোচ্ছে!


  • Examples:

ধরি  = "বৈশাখ";
ধরি আজ_কি_ছি = িা; 

Project Status:

Alpha (Under Heavy Development)



Special Thanks,

  • Thorsten Ball for writing this amazing book ” Writing An Interpreter In Go “


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