Reddit Discord Verification Bot

This is pretty rough around the edges and probably needs some touching up, but you should get the gist.

How to Run

  1. Make sure you have make installed in whatever CLI you’re using
  2. Make sure you have Docker and Docker-Compose installed
  3. Fill out the .env config file
    1. DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN should be the token generated for whatever discord account you make from their application portal
    2. REDDIT_USERNAME / REDDIT_PASSWORD should be the username and password for the Reddit account bot
    3. REDDIT_CLIENT_ID and REDDIT_SECRET_ID should be the client id and secret for an app created on the bot account in Reddit’s 3rd party app portal
    4. MESSAGE_SUBJECT is just the message subject for the message users will be asked to send to the bot
  4. Run: make run
  5. Invite the bot to whatever server you want using Discord’s oauth2 url generator
    1. You can find the docs here
    2. You can find it in Discord’s application portal, link on line 3.1
    3. If you care about security, grant as small of a permission scope as possible. If you don’t, give it bot.administrator permissions

I’ll update this repo as people report issues, but in its current state, it’s totally un-tested. Good luck.


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