Coding Dojo API

Reference implementation of a toy CRUD API in Go.

The server code and types are generated from an OpenAPI spec in app/api/coding-dojo-api.yaml using oapi-codegen.


Install oapi-codegen for generating code from OpenAPI specification:

go install

The code for the API types and server is generated from coding-dojo-api.yml in /app/api with:

$ oapi-codegen -generate types  -o types.gen.go  -package api coding-dojo-api.yml
$ oapi-codegen -generate server -o server.gen.go -package api coding-dojo-api.yml

Or using the config .yml files:

$ oapi-codegen --config server.cfg.yml coding-dojo-api.yml
$ oapi-codegen --config types.cfg.yml coding-dojo-api.yml

The generated code in types.gen.go defines struct types corresponding to the schemas given in the OpenAPI spec. The code in server.gen.go defines an interface for the HTTP server which is implemented in app/mem-server.go as well as app/db-server.go.


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