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remonade – Unofficial Nature Remo CLI


  • Go 1.16 ~



At first, you must generate token from And then, you can setup token to configuration file with run remonade config init.

# Setup your token
$ remonade config init

# Edit your config using $EDITOR
$ remonade config edit

# Run
$ remonade


The following environment variables must be set.

export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
export TERM=xterm-256color

Key maps

Panel Key Description
Common j Move down
Common k Move up
Common h Move left
Common l Move right
Common Ctrl+n Next panel
Common Ctrl+p Previous panel
Appliances u Power on
Appliances d Power off
Appliances o Open settings
AirCon Settings q, c Close panel
AirCon Settings Ctrl+n, Ctrl+j Next item
AirCon Settings Ctrl+p, Ctrl+k Previous item
AirCon Settings Enter, j, k Change value
Light Settings Enter Send button or signal
Light Settings q, c Close panel
TV Buttons Enter Send button
TV Buttons q, c Close panel
IR Signals Enter Send signal
IR Signals q, c Close panel