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Remote File Storage written in Go (server) & Python (client). It is made for demonstrational purposes on how to create a remote storage client & server with communication over TCP (no FTP!). The files are also being sent through TCP, not FTP.

ℹ️ General Info

This is a project which demonstrates a secure and easy way to program a remote file storage application. It has user accounts, which are stored in a MongoDB database. Users can login using the gostore-client python program. Each user has their own folder, and they can perform actions, or run commands. All these commands or actions are being proccessed by the Server. To make this interaction user-friendly, I have created a VSH (virtual shell) in which users can run simple commands and get prompts instead of having to manually send packets to the server. The vsh is also a part of gostore-client.

You can specific documentation below:

Package Link Package written in
Client (Not created)docs Python
Server docs Go (Go-lang)


TODOs for both client and server.

  • Add a mkdir command and proccess it in the server | Done
  • Show the all the response messages on error (client) | Done
  • When the pipe has been closed or errored, show a fatal error message and quit. (client)
  • Better format the ls command (client) | Done
  • Add signup (server & client) | Done
  • Create a .username folder on signup (server) | Done
  • Encrypt the files (Server-side encryption)


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