Have too many docker images on your local docker daemon, and not sure which ones to delete?

Remove docker images with a prompt: Press y to delete ✅, and n to skip deletion ❌.

Key Features

  • Delete docker images with confirmation. Press y to delete ✅, and n to skip ❌.
  • Images (especially the big ones) gets deleted in the background, so you don't wait, you just move onto the next selection.

Wanna try it out!?

User: Hey! I don't feel comfortable trying it out on my laptop.
User: I fear docker-rmi will delete some images accidentally.
Me: No worries! just run "vagrant up" and it will spin up an ubuntu 18.04 VM
Me: ..and setup ~20 docker images for you to delete and try it out!
Me: Once the VM is up, just do "vagrant ssh docker-rmi" and "docker-rmi"
Me: Vagrant setup takes ~10 mins, go get a coffee :) while we set things up for you!
User: This is awesome!


$ git clone [email protected]:shishir-a412ed/docker-rmi.git
$ cd docker-rmi
$ sudo make install (You don't need sudo on macOS)


$ which docker-rmi
$ docker-rmi (This should start the application)


make clean

This will delete your binary: docker-rmi

vagrant destroy

This will destroy your vagrant VM.

Currently supported environments

  • macOS Catalina (Version 10.15.5)
  • Ubuntu (>=16.04)
  • Centos
  • Fedora