go-amizone is a simple Go library and API client for the Amizone student portal. This library is intended to be used as a self-hosted Go API or as an SDK in your Go application.


Amizone is the student portal for Amity University. It’s indispensable for students to access their grades, attendance, class schedule and other information. The catch: it’s buggy, slow and goes down now and then. Consequentially, students have made a slew of alternative apps and tools to access Amizone — many of them mobile apps, but also arguably better approaches like the excellent monday-api bot by @0xSaurabh, which inspired me to work on this library.

So why yet another tool? Because I wanted a simple, easy-to-use and robust API client for Amizone and there was none. There is no standard API-abstraction library for Amizone, so every tool has its own reverse-engineered way of getting data from Amizone, some more complete than others, some more broken than others.


The library can be installed either as an SDK to use in your own Go project or as a self-hosted API with the server binary. With the latter, you would be able to use Swagger to generate SDKs for other languages in the near future.


Install the library using go get github.com/ditsuke/amizone-go. Usage is well documented go docs, and docs are due to be published soon.

Server API

The server API is a RESTful API supported by a single go binary. It is intended to be used as a self-hosted API, but I’ll host a central deployment to make it easy to try out. To install locally, run:

go install github.com/ditsuke/amizone-go/[email protected]

A docker image will be made available soon to make deployments easier.


I welcome contributions to the library. If you have a bug or feature request, please open an issue on the GitHub repo. Contributing to project should be a great way to get started with Go development and learning about the language, reverse-engineering, and other cool stuff.


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