In the previous time, I wrote raw HTTP request in a text and
sent it to server by nc tool to test my API.
This hard-core style do help me to understand HTTP proto. But
I think I could test API in a more effcient way.
One night I found a tool called httpie.
It’s awesome and convenient. So I gonna make a new httpie with
Golang. Only standard library, it’s a good way to learn Golang
for someone who new to Golang.

@auhtod: Mrbanana
@date: 2021-9-4
@licece: The MIT License


$ make clean
$ make
$ ./go-http httpbin.org/status/418

Generally, it looks like ./go-http [host:port]
If host is empty, like :8080, the host is assumed as localhost


  • In default the go-http use GET method;
  • Use ./go-http :8080 name:banana age:12 to add your request-headers;
  • Use ./go-http :8080 name=banana age=12 to send JSON data in POST method;
  • Use ./go-http :8080 name-banana age#12 to send FORM data in POST method;


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