Gruid Go Roguelike Tutorial

This tutorial follows the overall structure of the TCOD Python Tutorial, but makes use of the Go programming language and the gruid roguelike game framework, instead of TCOD.

Table of Contents

  • Part 0 & 1 – Setting Up & Drawing the “@” symbol and moving it around
  • Part 2 – Generic entities and the map
  • Part 3 – Generating a Dungeon

Tips & Remarks

This tutorial assumes some familiarity with programming and git: each part is a git branch and will come with a few explanations, but it’s expected that you read the code and comments and diffs between parts using git.

You can do some simple operations on the web, like compare changes between two parts, or view the code of a particular part.

Assuming you’ve followed the set up instructions of Part 0, you may want to clone locally the tutorial’s repository to explore:

# Clone the repository in a new directory gruid-rltuto:
git clone
cd gruid-rltuto
# You can then use git on the command line to switch between parts:
git checkout part-1
# View code changes between two parts:
git diff part-1..part-2 *.go
# View changes between two parts for a specific file:
git diff part-1..part-2 model.go
# Run the code of the current branch "part-1":
go run .