Program to find a Multimodal path on the city of Porto

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How to run

go run cmd/main/edaa.go

Open index.html and chose option 2 on the program to use the UI

Implemented ALgorithms

  • A* for Shortest Path
  • ALT for Shortest path
  • Genetic Algorithm for Shortest and Cheapest Path

List of dependencies

Go (automatically installed when executing go run):

  • github.com/gocarina/gocsv v0.0.0-20220310154401-d4df709ca055
  • github.com/onsi/ginkgo v1.16.5
  • github.com/onsi/gomega v1.19.0
  • github.com/paulmach/osm v0.2.2
  • github.com/starwander/GoFibonacciHeap v0.0.0-20190508061137-ba2e4f01000a
  • github.com/umahmood/haversine v0.0.0-20151105152445-808ab04add26

To visualize the graph v1:

  • NetworkX (pip install networkx)
  • MatPlotLib (pip install matplotlib)
  • Numpy (pip install numpy)

How to see the graph without using the menu

python networkx/view.py


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