RSS nest – A nest of rss feeds to download mp3s

An Introduction

So back in the time, when mobile downloads was costly in the uk, I developed in python 2.6 a program kicked off by cron on a raspberry pi that downloaded podcasts. It had a list or nest of rss feeds and it would check to see if they are downloaded already, tweet about the new content, create a web site feed and also the latest cost of gold and silver (?!!). I would then upload it to my phone and listen to the results at work. Also helped me mess around with new web tech.


So python 3 came out and I thought I would upgrade. BTW I was currently doing java at work at the time, but much preferred python. The upgrade didn’t go well, so instead I thought I’d try golang. Produces an executable, all good and helped me win and then turn down a contract doing angular2 (for a company that also used golang).


Been tempted to learn rust for years now, so I thought I’d rewrite this again in rust. So far, so good.. it is a work in progress.


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