Execute a binary from memory, without touching the disk. Linux only.

Available as both a Go module and a binary.


Using the Go module

The Command() method takes an io.Reader, so you can use it with things like an HTTP response body, a bytes.Buffer, etc.

It provides an *exec.Cmd (via memit.Command(...)) so you can wire up stdin/out and configure other parameters just like you would with a regular command.

package main

import ""

func main() {
	resp, _ := http.Get("https://.../mybinary")

	cmd, _, _ := memit.Command(resp.Body, "--args", "--go", "--here")

	cmd.Stderr = os.Stderr
	cmd.Stdin = os.Stdin
	cmd.Stdout = os.Stdout

	_ = cmd.Run()

Using the binary

Grab the latest release and run it like this:

memit https://.../mybinary -- # args for the actual binary can be put after the --


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