Run your workloads on ephemeral Virtual Machines.


A simple tool that spawns an arbitrary number of VMs in parallel, runs the same workload on each of them, and collects their outputs.

This requires Vagrant to be installed in your system, and to be properly configured with a supported provider.


Printing hello world on an Ubuntu 20.04 VM using VirtualBox:

./vm-spinner -p "virtualbox" -i "ubuntu/focal64" -c "echo hello world" 

Creating a VM and installing Docker.

./vm-spinner -p "virtualbox" -i "ubuntu/focal64" -c "curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com -o get-docker.sh && sh ./get-docker.sh"   

Running a local script in two VM in parallel, by specifying the provisioned resources for each VM:

./vm-spinner -p "virtualbox" -i "ubuntu/focal64;ubuntu/bionic64" -f "./script.sh" --cpus=2 --parallelism=2 --memory=4096  


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