I created cmap while studying for the OSCP to quickly scan hosts and build working directories and files. It became tedius to do this manually and write out common scans like nikto, gobuster, etc to kick off enumeration. The scanner does not replace nmap or anything else, it is just used to quickly get started with a new hackthebox, tryhackme, vulnhun, proving grounds, or whatever else type box.


  • Scan a single, or multiple hosts
  • TCP Syn Scan on each host
  • Scans each open port for http service
  • Creates a working directory
  • Creates a README file and writes ports and useful scan command strings
  • Future state – maybe kick off scans for each host



 -h		sing lehost - (format: ip,hostname)
 -H		hosts file, one per line (format: ip,hostname)
 -o		create working directory and create README for each host


cmap -h ip,hostname -o 
cmap -H hosts.txt -o


  • if no hostname is supplied the IP is used
  • output dir is hardcoded to ./
  • template path is currently hardcoded to /opt/cmap/
  • the template uses nunjucks-like syntax for placeholders


  • add error checking (lol)
  • run scans and write output files


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