Sample Debezium Knative Integration

Here lies a sample integration of Debezium with Knative as presented at Knative Con EU 2022.

The basic premise is to show a real world example for how to capture database changes from Debezium, convert to a Knative service that can stream the database changes as events, and do something useful. In this case, pluck out a couple of attributes and store them in redis where a second service will read the data and publish it as a web service.

Architecturial diagram of the event flow

Working with the Demo

A stock version of the Debezium server should be enough to get the demo functional provided it is 1.9 or better. To do so, update the Debezium Service Capturer, and change the image to

The demo relies on two anciallary services: ce-interceptor and redis-retriever. To build these services, enter into their respective directories, and run pushd ce-interceptor && docker build –tag /ce-interceptor:latest . && popd pushd redis-retriever && docker build –tag /redis-retriever:latest . && popd

Be sure to update the service images in kubeconfigs directory.

Lastly, the Debezium configuration includes details such as how to connect to your on-prem database. Be sure to edit the configmap to include the necessary credentials. Alternatively, you can follow the pattern in the 400-debezium-service.yaml to configure Debezium. This will give you added protection on your secrets, but does make the Debezium service manifest more complex.

To install inside your own cluster, running kubectl apply -f ./kubeconfigs will be enough to load up all services.

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