Scimplistic is a simplistic Go webapp to manage tasks, I built this tool to demonstrate the integration avaialble via SCIM for CyberArk Privileged Access Manager.

Install and Configure


via Script: bash


  1. go get
  2. Change dir to respective folder and run go-build
  3. ./scimplistic
  4. Open localhost:8080


Prior to using the web server you must configure your connection to the CyberArk SCIM endpoint provided by CyberArk Identity. Use the settings icon to configure you SCIM URL and Auth Token.

Notes / Warning

This web app is in developement and should not be used in a production environment. Currently, the application lacks proper security measures and interacts directly with your PAM environment. Use at your own risk, ideally in a development environment.

Currently Working Capabilities:


  • Build out update functions to allow for update of users, groups, safes
  • Add login/logout functionality
  • Create review function to examine all of a users access based on direct Safe Access and Group based access
  • Add database to track changes over time and allow for more complex queries (e.g. overall access)
  • Add notifications for action completion status (Success / Failure / etc…)
  • Add support for https


Example Users Page:
Users Page

Add User Form:
Add User Form

Example User Info:
User Info

Example Groups Page:


Thanks to @thewhitetulip for the guides / book they created and the sample Tasks application Tasks


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