Conduit Connector SDK

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This repository contains the Go software development kit for implementing a connector for Conduit. If you want to implement a connector in another language please have a look at the connector protocol.


Create a new folder and initialize a fresh go module:

go mod init

Add the connector SDK dependency:

go get

With this you can start implementing the connector. To implement a source (a connector that reads from a 3rd party resource and sends data to Conduit) create a struct that implements sdk.Source. To implement a destination (a connector that receives data from Conduit and writes it to a 3rd party resource) create a struct that implements sdk.Destination. You can implement both to make a connector that can be used both as a source or a destination.

Apart from the source and/or destination you should create constructor functions that return a sdk.Source, sdk.Destination and sdk.Specification respectively.

The last part is the entrypoint, it needs to call sdk.Serve and pass in the constructor functions mentioned before. If the connector does not implement a source or destination you should pass in nil instead.

package main

import (
	demo ""
	sdk ""

func main() {
		demo.Specification,  // func Specification() sdk.Specification { ... }
		demo.NewSource,      // func NewSource() sdk.Source { ... }
		demo.NewDestination, // func NewDestination() sdk.Destination { ... }

Now you can build the standalone connector:

go build path/to/main.go

You will get a compiled binary which Conduit can use as a connector. To run your connector as part of a Conduit pipeline you can create it using the connectors API and specify the path to the compiled connector binary in the field plugin.

Here is an example request to POST /v1/connectors (find more about the Conduit API):

  "type": "TYPE_SOURCE",
  "plugin": "/path/to/compiled/connector/binary",
  "pipelineId": "...",
  "config": {
    "name": "my-connector",
    "settings": {
      "my-key": "my-value"


For examples of simple connectors you can look at existing connectors like conduit-connector-generator or conduit-connector-file.


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