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Project Challenge

The Technical Challenge consists of creating an API with Golang using gRPC with stream pipes that exposes an Upvote service endpoints. The API will provide the user an interface to upvote or downvote a known list of the main Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc..).

Technical requirements:

  • Keep the code in Github
  • The API must have a read, insert, delete and update interfaces.
  • The API must have a method that stream a live update of the current sum of the votes from a given Cryptocurrency
  • The API must guarantee the typing of user inputs. If an input is expected as a string, it can only be received as a string.
  • The API must contain unit test of methods it uses
  • You can choose the database but the structs used with it should support Marshal/Unmarshal with bson, json and struct


Deliver the whole solution running in some free cloud service
Job to take snapshots of the votes every hour and plot a graph


How to Contribute

  • Fork this repository;
  • Create a branch with your feature; git checkout -b my-feature;
  • Commit all changes; git commit -m ‘feat: My feature’;
  • Push your branch; git push origin my-feature;

Thanks 🙂

📝 License

This project use MIT license, see the file LICENSE for more details

Made with 💜 by Fábio Morais


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