Lazytrivy is a wrapper for Trivy that allows you to run Trivy without remembering the command arguments.

The idea was very heavily inspired by the superb tools from Jesse Duffield (lazydocker, lazynpm, lazygit)

Scan All Images


The quickest way to install if you have Go installed is to get the latest with go install

go install

Alternatively, you can get the latest releases from Github


lazytrivy is super easy to use, just run it with the following command:


Scanning all local images

Pressing a will scan all of the images that are shown in the left hand pane. On completion, you will be shown a summary of any vulnerabilities found.

You can then scan individual images to get more details

Scanning all images

Scanning a specific image

Select an image from the left hand pane and press s to scan it. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch between views and up down arrow keys to select an image.

Press s to scan the currently selected image.

Scanning an image

Scanning a remote image

To scan an image that is not already locally on the machine, you can use the r key to scan a remote image.

Scanning a remote image


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