What is KlayOracle

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What is KlayOracle

KlayOracle adopts the design used by leading and existing oracles to bring offchain data to Klaytn Smart Contracts. Its straight forward to setup to access offchain data such as prices, sport data, weather data, random numbers or any external API usecase suites your project purpose.

Why Use KlayOracle

Reliable Data Feed: Get reliable price, weather, and external API data for your Defi and GameFi apps. Additionally, obtain uniquely generated numbers for your smart contract use cases.

Customizable Adapter: Without relying on external data feeds, which may be fraudulent, you can quickly set up adapters to aggregate API data for any off-chain data you need to allow.

Self Hosted Node: KlayOracle currently relies on you configuring your own adapters and node. to manage the node or nodes and have faith that you are receiving expected off-chain data that is genuine.


  • Random Numbers
  • Data Feed

Hackathon Milestone

Goal Status Comment
Figma Design for Website Done https://bit.ly/3LWehun
KlayOracle Website Done https://klayoracle.com
KlayOracle v0.0.5 Adapter Done https://bit.ly/3C8fLNy
KlayOracle v0.0.5 Oracle Contract Done https://bit.ly/3SMqPGY
KlayOracle v0.0.5 Node In Progress https://bit.ly/3SMqPGY
Developer Documentation In Progress https://bit.ly/3SMqPGY
KlayOracle Baobab Deploy Pending
Video Tutorial Pending

Post Hackathon Plans

  • Build and release KlayOracle Node V1.0 for testnet
  • Build a token reward system for Node runner
  • Build a token reward system for Node runner
  • Get beta tester to build using our oracle on the test net
  • Smart contract and code audit
  • Live launch Q1 2023


  • NFT: To generate randomly unique numbers for NFT ID.
  • Gaming: Fetch sport data from Oracle, for a betting smart contract.
  • Defi: Get Price pair for your staking or exchange smart contract.


KlayOracle Architechture


  • Adapter
  • Oracle Contract
  • KlayOracle Node


Set Adapter Path for Node

JOBS_PATH=adapter/jobs go run main.go 


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