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🖥️ Securely transfer and send anything between computers with TUI.



Using script

  • Shell
curl -fsSL | bash
  • PowerShell
iwr -useb | iex

then restart your powershell


brew install abdfnx/tap/tran

Go package manager

go install[email protected]

GitHub CLI

gh extension install abdfnx/gh-tran


  • Open Tran UI
  • Open with specific path
tran --start-dir $PATH
  • Send files to a remote computer
tran send <FILE || DIRECTORY>
  • Receive files from a remote computer
tran receive <PASSWORD>

Tran Config file

tran config file is located at ~/.config/tran/tran.yml | $HOME/tran.yml

  borderless: false
  editor: vim
  enable_mousewheel: true
  show_updates: true
  start_dir: .


--start-dir string   Starting directory for Tran


  • tab: Switch between boxes
  • up: Move up
  • down: Move down
  • left: Go back a directory
  • right: Read file or enter directory
  • V: View directory
  • T: Go to top
  • G: Go to bottom
  • ~: Go to your home directory
  • /: Go to root directory
  • .: Toggle hidden files and directories
  • D: Only show directories
  • F: Only show files
  • E: Edit file
  • ctrl+s: Send files/directories to remote
  • ctrl+r: Receive files/directories from remote
  • ctrl+f: Find files and directories by name
  • q/ctrl+q: Quit

Technologies Used in Tran


tran is licensed under the terms of MIT license.