Self-hosted service for watching your stash library in VR.

Basically a thin client/server for clients listed below.

Supported clients

  • HereSphere
  • DeoVR


Browse to http://<host>:9666 using either DeoVR or HereSphere. Both will automatically load their respective configuration files and launch their ui with your library.


See docker_compose.yml for details.

  • STASH_GRAPHQL_URL Url to your stash graphql – something like http://<>:<9999>/graphql
  • STASH_API_KEY Api key to you stash if it’s using authentication.

stash-vr listens on port 9666, use docker port binding to change.


  • Show following sections in DeoVR/HereSphere:
    • All (ALL your scenes)
    • Filters from your stash front page
    • Your other saved filters
  • Provide transcoding endpoints to your videos served by stash


  • Video tags from markers.
  • Generate tags based on stash tags, studios, performers and markers.
    • Legend:
      • #:<Tag>
      • Studio:<Studio>
      • Performer:<Performer>
      • @:<Marker>
  • Funscript support
  • Ratings


  • Cue points from markers.


Both DeoVR and HereSphere has algorithms to automatically detect and handle 3D videos. It’s not foolproof and to manually configure the players with custom layout/mesh-settings you can tag your scenes in stash as follows:

  • Mesh:
    • DOME 180° equirectangular
    • SPHERE 360° equirectangular
    • FISHEYE 180° fisheye
    • MKX200 200° fisheye
    • RF52 190° Canon fisheye
    • CUBEMAP Cubemap (lacks support in DeoVR?)
    • EAC Equi-Angular Cubemap (lacks support in DeoVR?)
  • Layout:
    • SBS Side-by-side (Default)
    • TB Top-bottom

If a mesh is provided but no layout then default layout SBS will be used.

Most common combination is DOME/SBS meaning most VR videos only need the DOME tag.


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