Send notifications to discord in Your pipelines or scripts


# build

# build and move to /usr/local/bin
make install

# build docker image
make docker

Tag Users in Notifications

in discord get your User or Role id by typing \@username or \@rolename and for users just copy digits between <> and for roles copy &digits between <>, then run discord-notif set them like:

DISCORD_TAGS='&896806629814347826,513283330966055177' discord-notif cicd pipeline start


discord-notif <name> <kind> <state>
        error   It will exit with exit status code 1.
        start   just notify on starting
        succeed just notify on succeed
        pipeline  Use within your Gitlab CI or Drone pipeline
        script    Use in Your scripts
environment variables:
        DISCORD_URL       Your discord bot API URL
        DISCORD_TAGS      Comma seperated list of user/role ids to tag in notifications
        DISCORD_USERNAME  Username for Bot(Optional, default is 'Notification')
        DISCORD_AVATAR    Your discord bot avatar URL(Optional, default is a 'Sad PEPE')
        NOTIF_TAGS        Comma seperated list of environments to use in templating notifications
                          For Drone CI: https://docs.drone.io/pipeline/environment/reference
                            if the variable name is DRONE_COMMIT_AUTHOR, use it like DroneCommitAuthor
                          For Gitlab CI: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/ci/variables/predefined_variables.html
                            if the variable name is GITLAB_USER_ID, use it like GitlabUserId
                          For scripts: only works when kind is 'script'
                            list what You want to see in template like NOTIF_TAGS='USER,HOSTNAME'
                          If This variable is not set, for each mode There is a default template and it will be used
pipeline -> NOTIF_FIELDS="DroneCommitAuthor,DroneCommit" discord-notif project1 pipeline start
script -> DISCORD_TAGS='11111111111111,22222222222222,&333333333333' NOTIF_FIELDS="USER,HOSTNAME,SHELL" discord-notif backup-mysql script succeed

Notification Examples

Drone default template
Gitlab default template
Script default template


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