Sentry + Opentelemetry Go Example


To run this example, you will need a kubernetes cluster. This example has been tried and tested on

  • Minikube
  • AWS Elastic Kuberetes Service and should work on any configured kubernetes environment.

K8S components used

  • Config Map (otel-collector-conf) for opentelemetry collector
  • Service to expose port 4317 of collector deployment (to recieve OTLP traces)
  • Deployment
    • Opentelemetry Collector
    • Instrumented Golang application Deployment


  1. Create an observabilitiy namespace in the cluster.

    $ kubectl create ns observability

  2. Change the configmap in k8s.yaml and add your sentry DSN in line 31

         dsn: <your sentry DSN here>
  3. Apply the kubernetes configuration in the observability namespace.

    $ kubectl apply -f k8s.yaml -n observability

  4. Once the deployment is done, port forward the sample gin server to your localhost (ensure that your 8088 port is free from any pre-binding, i.e. no other server is using that)

    $ kubectl port-forward -n observability svc/otlp-instrumentation-demo 8088:8088

  5. Visit your localhost:8088/users/123

  6. Visit your Sentry UI to see something similar to this Sentry UI